What is TIMM?

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is the one and only music market in Japan that offers Japanese music a platform for overseas expansion and international exchange in the rapidly changing global music industry.

The main components of TIMM are the Marketplace/Business Matching with international buyers, the Business Seminars, which are very popular every year, and the Live Music Showcase offering an opportunity for musicians to appeal directly to international buyers.  

Please see the news release  for an overview of the 21stTIMM.


Marketplace/Business Networking

In addition to international music industry professionals from more than  24 different countries (2023 results) gathering to discuss business, various programs are also taken to promote business matching between exhibitors and international buyers.

Business Seminars

Various business seminars  which cover the latest topics in the music industry are  taken place.

Live Music Showcase

It provides the opportunity for Japanese artists who are interested in musical activities outside of Japan and display their skills and talents to international music industry professionals & international music fans. In addition, the international artists selected by TIMM partner events also have a chance to perform.

*Performing artists are required to exhibit at TIMM.

Welcome Party

A Welcome party will be held exclusively for the international buyers and exhibitors at TIMM. We hope you can use this opportunity to engage in exchange with international buyers over drinks and a meal and that it will eventually lead to fruitful business relationships. 

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*About JMCE
JMCE was founded in 1993 through record companies, music publishing companies and management companies to “Spread Japanese Music to the World” and to “Interact with the World Through Music.”