Anna Suzuki 鈴木杏奈


Avex Music Creative Inc.


Anna Suzuki was born on December 5th and is from Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.
Her main appearances are "Waccha Primagi!" as Remon Cocoa and "IDOL DANCE SHOW" as Misaki Yurigaoka.
In addition, she has appeared in TV programs such as "THE KARAOKE★BATTLE," "TV TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL," "52nd Toshiwasure Music Festival", and as the narrator, did the narration of TV "THE・NONFICTION," in dramatic readings and more.
In 2020, she was chosen to sing the  theme song of the game "Azur Lane" due to her high singing ability. She will make her musical artist debut in December 2021, with her opening theme of TV anime "Waccha Primagi!."