In 1995, Mayo Okamoto's debut single "Tomorrow" sold over 2 million copies. Since then, she has produced hit songs one after another, including commercial songs, theme songs for anime, TV dramas, and movies, such as "Stay as You Are (Sonomama no Kimi de Ite)" , "Goodbye (Sayonara)" , "Happy Happy Birthday", and "Alara's spell (Arara no Jumon) ".

On March 2, 2016, she made her long-awaited debut as a pianist "mayo" with the album "always love you". In June of the same year, she embarked on her first nationwide tour as a pianist. On March 1, 2017, three female artists participated in the EP "Azabu Halley", and mayo recorded the 8 minutes and 24 seconds long epic "Comet (Houki Boshi)", which became a hot topic.

She continues to work as a singer-songwriter Mayo Okamoto and a pianist "mayo".

以冈本真夜之名,在1995 年的出道单曲”TOMORROW”创下200 万张销量的纪录。

之后持续推出”保持现在的你””再见”” Happy Happy Birthday””阿拉拉的咒语”等CM连结・动画・ 戏剧・电影热门主题歌曲。

2016 年 3 月 2 日以钢琴家“mayo”的身份,推出专辑”always love you”出道。

同年 6 月首次以钢琴家身份举办全国巡回表演。

2017 年3月 1 日,EP”麻布HALLEY”有3位女性歌手参加,收录mayo 8分24 秒大作的” 彗星”,造成相当大的话题。

今后也会以创作歌手冈本真夜及钢琴家 mayo 的身份持续活动。