Formed in the spring of 2015, the group held their first Christmas event in December, which sold out and was a huge success. In May 2016, they performed at Okinawa Music Market, which is said to be the gateway to success for Okinawan bands, where "ORANGE RANGE" and "MONGOL800" have performed in the past.

In September of the same year, they released their first single, "Throbbing Cider (Tokimeki Cider)" in Okinawa, and started their own radio show, "P-POP TIME". In December, they held a one-man live at Naha Sakurazaka Central. It was the first time in the history of Naha Sakurazaka Central for an Okinawan indie band to have an audience of over 200 people, making it a huge success.

They released their first album "CHAMP-FULL" on August 11, 2017. 

In 2018, they released "WONDER WONDER" produced by JIN who works with "GReeeeN" and others. 

In November, they announced their affiliation with Tokyo-based music agency high speed boyz inc.

In 2019, they performed at the "TV's Night" event hosted by local Okinawan senior band "ORANGE RANGE". In April, they held a one-man live concert to celebrate the release of their second album "Han-P Neee!!!". They were featured as the successor of "ORANGE RANGE" on the internet news.



2016年5月在过去ORANGE RANGE及MONGOL800等也到此表演过,被称为冲绳乐团登龙门的冲绳音乐市进行演出。

同年9月于县内发表首张单曲”Tokimeki Cyder”,并开始自己的广播节目”P-POP TIME”。


2017年 8月11日发表首张专辑 “CHAMP-FULL”。

2018年公开由经手过GReeeeN等的JIN所制作的”WONDER WONDER”。

11月发表加入东京音乐事务所high speed boyz inc.。

2019年参加当地冲绳前辈乐团ORANGE RANGE所主办的”电视之夜”活动。

4月举办个人演唱会并发表第2张专辑” HANPANEeee!!!!”。

在网络新闻中,被视为下一个ORANGE RANGE。