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Since 2002, childhood friends in his hometown of Tokyo, MC TEEDA, and MC/guitar vocalist KENJI03 had been enjoying music together.  The band's concept is "light" and "wind" - "light" is a light of hope, and "wind" is a tailwind that pushes people who can't take a step forward.  Performed not only in Japan, but also in festivals in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and still continues to receive offers worldwide every year for their musicality and live performance.  

The 15th single “Cellulian/Silent Trigger” released on December 2014 ranked 10th on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart (similar to US Billboard chart), and was the band’s first track to rank-in TOP 10.  In 2018, the Chinese self-cover "Black Ox ~Clown~" and "Dream~Carry on~" was distributed through the DSPs in China, which expanded their activities in China. 

They’ve also produced tracks for boys group such as TVXQ and Kansai Johnny’s, dance and vocal groups such as EXILE and GENERATIONS, and more than 25 artists from various genres including the theme song of national TV anime for LiSA.

Past overseas live appearances

Since 2007, BACK-ON have appeared in countless overseas events at over 40 countries including...
・2007「FORMOZ FESTIVAL」(Taiwan)
・2010「Anime Matsuri」(Texas,US)
・2010「SANA」(Folder Laser, Brazil)
・2015「FanimeCon 2015」(California, USA)
・2015「Japan Expo」(France)
・2020「BilibiliWorld 2020」(China)