Flesh Juicer 血肉果汁機



Flesh Juicer was formed in Taiwan Taichung, 2006. Most of their songs are about Taiwanese traditional culture, social conventions, and temple parades. The melodic line in their music employs the traditional eastern Pentatonic Scale with the use of oriental instruments, such as Suona, Gongs, and drums.

In 2015, Flesh Juicer released their first album – GIGO – and won the Best Rock Album award at the Golden Sound Award. They later released several EPs and performed at multiple international music festivals.

In 2018, Flesh Juicer released Fairy Tales of Ocean Deep and was recognized for its work and live performances domestically. In addition to being nominated for Best Band at the Golden Melody Awards, the album cover was also recognized by the Independent Music Awards in the U.S.

In 2021, Flesh Juicer welcomed their 15th anniversary and released their third album - GOLDEN TAIZI BRO. The concept of the album originated from "Taichung." In the same year, the album won the Golden Indie Music Award for Best Album, Best Live Performance, and Best Band, making them the biggest winner of the night. In this year, they also won the Golden Melody Awards for Best Band. They continue to enjoy incredible success.