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ChouCho, who had been highly popular and appreciated on NICO NICO DOUGA’s “UTATTE MITA”, made her major debut with the opening theme song “Kawaru Mirai” for the TV anime series “KAMISAMA NO MEMOCHO (HEAVEN’S MEMO PAD)”, in the summer of 2011. Having been involved with high-profile anime theme songs one after the other, such as “MASHIROIRO SYMPOHNY (PURE WHITE SYMPHONY)”, “HYOUKA (THE NIECE OF TIME)”, “GIRLS & PANZER (GIRLS UND PANZER)”, she appeared on “Animelo Summer Live 2015 - THE GATE -” for the second time in August 2015. And, she was in charge of the theme song for “GIRLS & PANZER Movie Version”, released on the 25th of November in that year.

Released her first best album in 2016 to celebrate her 5th anniversary since her debut. This extraordinary best album with 23 songs out of 24 being the anime game tie-up songs,peaked at number 13 on the Oricon chart. Conducted the hugely successful tour, performing in 5 cities across the country supporting her best album.

Released her 3rd original album in four years in January 2018. Also being involved in the production side with energy, by including many songs with her own lyrics and music.

With her multi-genre, natural and creamy voice being highly appreciated, her activity in the wide spectrum of music scene is being expected in the future such as appearing on various anime events overseas, delivering high resolution products, and so on.



2015年8月には、2度目の出演となる「Animelo Summer Live 2015 -THE GATE-」に出演。そして、同年11月25日公開の『ガールズ&パンツァー 劇場版』の主題歌を担当した。