BRADIO is a funky band with 3 members: Takaaki Shinghoji (Vo), Soichi Ohyama (G) and Ryosuke Sakai (B) They passionately spread the message that “music is amazing” with each one of you. Are you ready, funky party people!!

"Shiawase no Shanana" ”Can I wish for your happiness?” is the theme of this exhilarating tune.

"Spicy Madonna (Official Live Video)" BRADIO’s live performance of “Spicy Madonna”, a favorite piece to perform live.

"Flyers" Opening theme song of the anime “Death Parade”


Independent Label Council Japan


Genre: Funk

BRADIO is a 3 piece band from Japan that was formed in 2010.  The name is an acronym that stands for "Break the Rule And Do Image On," a concept that stands for breaking the rules of everyday society while painting the world with vibrant entertainment in order to make a fresh, good place.  The band fuses a number of genres such as pop, rock and funk to create an enthralling atmosphere for the audience to enjoy.  BRADIO has performed at a number of music festivals across Japan including Summer Sonic, ROCK IN JAPAN, and COUNTDOWN JAPAN.  They also have been headling their own sold out shows as they quickly gain popularity.  In 2015 the song 2Flyers" was used as the opening theme for the anime Death Parade and in 2016 BRADIO's third single "HOTEL ALIEN," can be heard as the opening theme song for the Peeping Life anime series.  In 2017 BRADIO made their official major debut with WARNER MUSIC JAPAN. 

Past overseas live appearances

A-KON29 (2018)