Ito Kanako いとうかなこ




Loves dogs.
Loves to recharge and gather herself by going to the sea in the summer and mountain hot springs in the winter.

Kanako debuted in September 2002 with the theme song of Nitroplus' game ""Kikokugai"".

She has continued to release music centering around video games and anime theme songs that transcend the boundaries of labels and genres while also releasing several commercial projects and original soundtrack albums.
Her truly energetic live performances have gained her a loyal fan base not only in Japan but all over the world.

Her signature work includes tracks for the 5pb.×Nitroplus game “Science Adventure Series”.
Participating in all 5 properties, each playing a strong role in bringing each respective product’s world together.

Believing in the possibilities of “the power of singing”, “music” and “story”, she is working hard to spread these to the world!