Birth day:9.25
Blood group:A
Special skill:dieting

MIKOTO is a singer and guitarist, he has also written a lot of music as a composer.

He has composed a vast amount of music for girls and women Otome games and for voice actors.
“DIABOLIK LOVERS” , “B-PROJECT”, “MARGINAL#4”, “Meiji Tokyo Love song”, “Scared Rider Xechs” are some notable examples.

He made his major debut singing songs for the audio drama “Meiji Kyuketsukitan –ÂÂÂ “Tsukiyasya”(produced by Rejet) on 5pb Records.
He released his first single "Accepted Blood” on November 26, 2014, which was used as the theme for the drama CD series Tsukiyasya.

MIKOTO continued to put out three singles on 5pb Records. The second single named “ Gekka no uta wa kage yorimo kuroku” was used as the opening theme to the PS VITA “ Hyakka Hyakurou~Sengokuninpoujyou~”(produced by D3PUBLISHER), alongside this he also released ÂÂÂ “ Taezaru Hana” which was used as the ending theme. The third single “ Akatsuki no karuma “ was used as the theme to the drama CD “Meiji Kyuketsukitan – ÂÂÂ Tsukiyasya ÂÂÂ crimson”(produced by Rejet ). Additionally the Coupling track “ Aria “was also used in “ Tsukiyasya crimson”.

In 2017, he took part in a “LayereD Stories 0 ÂÂÂ the theme song audition” (BANDAI NAMCO ENTTERTAINMENT) as a judge along side Go Shiina( Composer/ Arranger).

He’s a true talent in his field, his sense of melody and harmony is a pleasure to experience.

Past overseas live appearances

Jan.2019:第16回日本歌謡大会 in KOREA
Oct.2015:AnimeparTy 3rd -3Q- 第三届 上海動漫游戏創作交流展 in China
Aug.2015:TUDOU FESTIVAL 2015 in China