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Kyoto, Japan-based progressive rock band JYOCHO (meaning “emotion,” “mood,” and “atmosphere” in Japanese) was formed in 2016 by guitarist Daijiro Nakagawa (formerly of Japanese math rock band Uchu Conbini) who's known for his highly sophisticated and technical guitar and now the band consists of Daijiro Nakagawa(Gt/Cho), Nekota Netako (Vo/Key), sindee (Ba), Yuuki Hayashi (Fl) and Kojiro Yamazaki(Dr).

The band's music has passed through a variety of genres, and it builds a unique soundscape that only JYOCHO can create, incorporating plenty of technical tracks, warmth, and intensity.

In January 2023, JYOCHO released "As the Gods Say e.p," which includes the ending theme song "As the Gods Say" for the Netflix series "Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre." In the same year, the U.S. indie label Topshelf Records releases the band's latest album "Let's Promise to be Happy" in vinyl and cassette formats worldwide. JYOCHO's unique yet beautiful sounds are well-received by music lovers all over the world.