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Born in the USA but raised in Japan, the New Jersey and New York-based MC/producer got his start performing at open mics and showcases all around the tri-state area with his former collective Trikuza. In his spare time, he was making Youtube videos describing his life back in the Japan. One video titled "Why I Hated Japanese School" would end up racking up views and help him gain an audience towards his profanity-filled stories, rants, and music. The introverted Kazuo now finds peace venting out his frustrations, opening up about his mental health, and telling self-deprecating jokes for his audience to connect with him. Kazuo hopes to bridge the gap between American and Japanese culture and entertainment in his words, "without being an anime. He is a beat-maker, music video director, editor and all-around talent.

Past overseas live appearances

2020/8/1 Joy Ruckus Club (Live Streaming)