Paris feat. YELLOW Huang Hsuan (黃宣)

Haruno - Venus Flytrap feat. Chiaki Sato


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     Haruno is a next-generation singer-songwriter and producer, who launched himself from the internet demonstrating a multitude of talents that include writing lyrics and music and making tracks.  Taking the initiative and releasing his own original songs on streaming services and YouTube brought attention to his music, and in 2020, when he released his EP, Is She Anybody?, he succeeded in grabbing the No. 1 spot on iTunes and Apple Music’s R&B chart.  While active in producing and guest-performing for other artists in addition to his own releases, in February 2022 he released an EP entitled 25 collaborating with Japanese singer yama and Singaporean R&B band brb., and in August the single "Limbo" working with producer Tomggg, who has many international connections.

     Following the release of his first full-length album The Lover in May 2023, his latest song "Paris", released in July, was created through a collaboration with Taiwanese artist YELLOW (黄宣).  This mellow song, mixing of Japanese chill pop and Taiwanese neo soul, is a refreshing tune with lyrics co-written by both artists which smoothly interweave three languages of Japanese, Chinese and English.  In October, Haruno performed at “2023 GQ Urban Camping Festival (城市野營嘉年華)” in Taipei as his first overseas performance.  He is expected to receive more offers from overseas in the future.

     His sound is characterized by smooth and groovy tracks which crossover to a variety of categories, including Lofi hip hop, jazz, and contemporary pop music.  His silky, embracing vocals and moving lyrics have become a hot topic of conversation leading to his current rapid increase in popularity.