The second phase of music streaming business in Japan; the current position and future view for music streaming business in Japan



Music streaming market in Japan, which is estimated to have reached about 15 million paid customers, reached 58.9 billion yen in 2020, accounting for 75% of the digital music market. However, it seems that the music streaming market in Japan is still sluggish compared to Europe and United States. Six years have passed since the music streaming service started in earnest, and now that the awareness of consumer and the lineup of songs and contents have been enhanced. For the next phase, we will ask people who have been involved in the music business in each field of the music industry to talk about the current situation and issues from various levels and predict future trends.

Takeshi Kawamura / CEO, GKO LLC

Sanae Okazaki / Manager, Entertainment, GfK Japan
Tomoyuki Kitayama / Executive Vice President, Sony Music Marketing United Inc.
Akira Nomoto / General Manager, Merlin Japan K.K.

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