JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB." (JAMLAB.), an anisong oversea support website, to be integrated to TIMMONLINE.



The content and service of ‘JAM LAB.’ will be transferred to TIMM website and TIMMONLINE which is the official business matching service website of the Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM)  maintain to provide Japanese music artists including anisong artists online connecting service assisting international buyers and media to propose business offers to Japanese music related companies.

The TIMM website and TIMMONLINE will be renewed content and service with an enhanced anisong artists for business and promotion of Japanese music.

Since its launch in February 2018, JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. has been used by many people in Japan and abroad as a ‘Anisong Online Connecting Service’. As of the end of March 2022, we had 20 participating companies and over 500 registered international buyers, with 90% of access from overseas.

On the other hand, the TIMM website and TIMM ONLINE, which will be the renew website, also offer a variety of anime genres, and TIMM ONLINE also has various business opportunities, etc. Therefore, to further enhance user convenience, the JAM LAB., TIMM website and TIMMONLINE will be integrated and relaunched as the new TIMM website and TIMMONLINE.

As a result, the current domain "JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. (" will be closed at the end of December 2022. However, various information on Anisong currently available on the website will be available on the new "JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB." page on TIMM website and TIMMONLINE, which will continue to be available for general users in Japan and overseas.

We ask all record companies, management offices, and international buyers who have been participating in the JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. to re-register with TIMM ONLINE. Please see below for details.

Thank you for your continued patronage of TIMM website, TIMMONLINE and JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB as it makes a new start.

1. Date of the relaunch of the TIMM website and TIMMONLINE

-The relaunch is scheduled for mid-October 2022. Details will be announced on the TIMM website next month.

- TIMM official website:

- JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. will be closed at the end of December 2022

2. Re-registration of international buyers to TIMM ONLINE

If you have been participating in JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. by registering as an international buyer, you will need to register again as a ‘buyer’ in TIMM ONLINE . *Registration is free of charge.

Please be advised that TIMM ONLINE will screen international buyers who are related to the music/entertainment industry. Please also note that it may take some time before you are approved.

i) Functions available to overseas buyers in TIMM ONLINE

- Contact with TIMM ONLINE participants, for example, exhibitors, other buyers, etc. and sending and receiving messages.

- View business seminars and live showcases.

- Browse exhibitor, artist, and buyer pages and content.

ii) URL for international buyer registration

- To register as a TIMM ONLINE buyer, please access the following URL.

- The current registration for international buyers at JAPAN ANIME MUSIC LAB. ( has been closed as of the end of July.

(*) TIMM ONLINE ( is an online business matching website specially set up on the TIMM website, featuring exhibitor pages, buyer lists, business meetings, video presentations, and other functions. It is a business and promotion website that enables business negotiations and networking within the site, and also provides business seminars, presentations, and live showcases.

TIMM Ofice