The TIMM ONLINE exhibit page is fully designed to promote your music business internationally, with content such as, “Exhibitor Information,” “Presentation Videos,” ”Artist Information,” and “Staffs Information.”
In addition to the duration of the three-days of TIMM period, you can keep, and even update your exhibit page anytime with your own account for the long term(*). The contents are only accessible to exhibitors/buyers.
(*)Contract renewal period is the end of June.

TIMM ONLINEの出展ページは「音楽ビジネスの海外展開」のためにデザインされています。出展ページには「出展情報」「プレゼンテーション動画」「アーティスト情報」「スタッフ情報」が登録できます(なお、TIMM ONLINEの使用言語は英語となります)。

Business Matching

TIMM ONLINE exhibitors/buyers can only access to the delegates list, where you can search for delegates by their profile such as “business territory” or “country/area.”
The list allows you to browse their profile, see their photos, and exchange text messages all in one place.

TIMM ONLINEの出展者・バイヤーのみが参加者リストにアクセスすることができます。リストは参加者の「ビジネス領域」や「国・地域」による検索などができ、プロフィールを見て気になる参加者にはワンストップでメッセージを送受信することが可能です。

Live Showcase

TIMM brings you a live music showcase featuring numerous artists (*) who aim to make their music career international.
At TIMM ONLINE you can watch their live showcase online via live-streaming or archived-streaming for the duration of TIMM. The contents are open to all delegates (registration required) (**).
(*) Performing artists are required to exhibit at TIMM.
(**) Visitors/Press/Media registrants will have access until the end of the year.

TIMM ONLINEではショーケースライブをオンラインでご視聴いただけます(期間中のライブ生配信およびアーカイブ配信)。このコンテンツはTIMM ONLINEに登録したすべての音楽ビジネス関係者に公開されます(**)。


TIMM business seminars will be held on the theme “The latest trends in the music industry immediately helpful for expanding overseas.” (Some seminars are only available in Japanese.)
The business seminar page is probably the most popular page as not only exhibitors and buyers have access, but it is accessible to visitors too. On the same page, exhibitors can post their business presentations (*).
(*) Exhibitors can post only one video and revisions and updates are not permitted.

TIMM ONLINEでは「海外展開に今すぐ役立つ音楽業界の最新トレンド」をテーマとしたビジネスセミナーをオンラインでご提供します。
(*) 動画は1つのみ、修正やアップデートはできません。