Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM)
The Announcement of new event “TIMM SHOWCASE LIVE SERIES 2022”



The Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM), which is held every fall to promote the overseas expansion of Japanese music, launched "TIMM ONLINE," an online business matching and networking site in 2020. After the core days of TIMM (three days), TIMM ONLINE is used by participants throughout the year as a BtoB&C business matching site.

"TIMM ONLINE" not only offers business negotiations and business matching between participants, but also business seminars and live showcases, offering the same menu as at real venues in previous years, and last year's 18th TIMM was accessed by approximately 35,000 people from 57 countries and regions in the first month after the event.

Today we are pleased to announce that online showcase live & networking event will take place not only at TIMM convention which is held every fall but also in TIMM ONLINE site, multiple times a year.

This is totally new challenge for us to support the expansion of global business opportunity through TIMM ONLINE.

As the first event to start the series, a showcase live performance called "TIMM SHOWCASE LIVE SERIES 2022" will be streamed to the world on January 24. This live performance will be streamed free of charge on YouTube and also on "TIMM ONLINE" to music industry professionals. Following the live streaming, individual online business meetings between international buyers and showcase participants will carry out.

"TIMM Showcase Live Series" will continue to be held in the future. And TIMM, which is scheduled to be held as a hybrid event once a year in fall, will be positioned as the culminating event to contribute to the globalization of Japanese music.



The online live stream start time:January 24(Mon) 22:00~24:00(JST)

Online Streaming Sites :

TIMM ONLINE (limited to the music professionals who made registration )


Performing Artists:EASTOKLAB,CARTOON/YELLOCK,The Muddies,TATEDUKA2000,Nagie Lane,HANABIE.

Sponsors: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI),Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO),Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE)

* Performers are subject to change.

* The timetable will be announced at a later date.

* Please check this website for the latest information.(


Japan Music Culture Export(JMCE)TIMM Office

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