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“TIMM Showcase live series 2022 Vol.2” will be held in partnership with YouTube from May 6 – 8, 2022



We are delighted to inform you that “TIMM Showcase live series 2022” will be back on May 6-8 following its successful first event having done in January.
"TIMM Showcase Live Series" which is held multiple times a year is an online version of the highly acclaimed Showcase live and individual business meetings in TIMM's various programs.
And TIMM, which is scheduled to be held once a year in fall, is positioned as the culminating event to contribute to the globalization of Japanese music.
“TIMM Showcase live series 2022  Vol.2” will be held for the first time in partnership with YouTube who has the vision of “Let’s spread the charm of Japanese music to the world”.
"YouTube Music Weekend vol.5" will feature four outstanding artists as TIMM-supported performers, especially for overseas audience and experts in the international music industry.

It can be watched on  YouTube Music Weekend playlist and YouTube Music Weekend Midnight playlist on YouTube Japan’s Official Channel, as well as artists’ own official YouTube channels.

TIMM Showcase live series 2022  Vol.2

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE)

Schedule (ONLINE streaming)
May 6 Friday – 8 Sunday, 2022 @ YouTube Music Weekend vol.5
After May 9 Monday , 2022        @ TIMMONLINE / JMCE official YouTube  channel

Artist lineup

WagakkiBand, EMMA WAHLIN, Ai Higuchi, MIYAVI

Date & Time of live streaming and the site URL

YouTube Music Weekend vol.5  [May 6 – May 8]
(The performance of each artist will be streamed at YouTube official channel of each of them.)

  • WagakkiBand  May 6, Friday  19:55~

"WagakkiBand", a hybrid rock entertainment band that combines ”shigin”, Japanese and Western instruments; and a natural singer with multicultural roots from the United States, Sweden and Japan.

URL;Artist official YouTube Channel

  • EMMA WAHLIN May 8, Sunday  10:10~

"EMMA WAHLIN" is a female singer with multinational roots in America, Sweden, and Japan, and her gifted voice goes without borders.

URL;Artist official YouTube Channel

  • Ai Higuchi May 8, Sunday  13:15~

Singer-songwriter "Ai Higuchi", who has gained worldwide acclaim for her song "悪魔の子"(Akuma no ko), Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 ED theme.

URL;Artist official YouTube Channel

  • MIYAVI May 8, Sunday  15:05~

Guitarist "MIYAVI", who is the first Japanese to successfully tour the world since the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and boasts global popularity.

URL;Artist official YouTube Channel

■After YouTube Music Weekend vol.5 [May 9 – mid Oct.]



The performances of all 4 artists will be archived only for the music industry professionals who have registered TIMMONLINE.

 If you are not yet registered TIMMONLINE, please register from here.
 *Please note that there is a membership review by TIMM office for the registration.

 ●JMCE official YouTube channel    

Playlists of each artist’s performance.


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