●TIMM ONLINE Registration for visitors and presses had started!



Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this year’s Tokyo International Music Market ‘19thTIMM’ will take the form of a partial hybrid (Online/Offline) event. However, we encourage you join us to watch seminars and the showcase live performances, on ONLINE(TIMM ONLINE)

The registration of participants as Visitor and Press had started from 4 pm JST of October 3rd towards 19thTIMM from October 17 to 19.

And we are accepting the registration of international buyer to TIMM ONLINE.

1.Visitor registration for only persons involved in music business

-Business seminars and live music showcases can be viewed. The viewing period is until the end of December 2022.
-The visitor registration period is until the end of December 2022.
-Free registration, with review by the TIMM Office.
-Visitor registration deadline is October 19 (Wed).
-Access TIMM ONLINE  and register from "New Participant> Visitor".*

*Those who registered as visitors last year also need to register again.
*The registration is limited for people related music business, entertainment, music industry, etc.

*For more information on how to register, please see the following picture.

2.Press registration
-Business seminars and live music showcases can be viewed. The viewing period is the terms of 19thTIMM from October 17 to 19.
-The press registration period is until October 19, the last day of 19thTIMM.
-Free registration, with review by the TIMM Office.
-Access TIMM ONLINE  and register from "New Participant> Press".

3.Buyer registration
-Free registration, with review by the TIMM Office.
-The registration is limited to persons involved in music business and have activities of music promotions and curations.
-Business seminars, showcases live, the list and page of registered exhibitors, artists and buyers can be viewed. The viewing period is maybe until June 2023.
-Access TIMM ONLINE and register from "New Participant> Buyer".


① First name: enter your name in English.
② Last name: enter your surname in English.
③ Enter your email address.
④ Re-enter the email you entered in ③ for confirmation.
⑤ Enter the password using at least 6 single-byte alphanumeric characters.
⑥ Enter the company to which you belong.
 If you don't belong to any company or organization, write a 'Freelancer'.
 If you fill in Freelancer, please also input your field of work.
 For example Freelancer-music writer, Freelancer-music promoter, etc.
⑦ Enter the department to which you belong, if any.
⑧ Select a country or area.
  For example, if you enter ‘japan’, the options will be displayed immediately.
⑨Please enter the address and website of the company or organization you belong to.
 *If you entered "Freelancer" in question ⑥, please enter the URL of your website, SNS, etc. that shows your activities.
⑩If you agree with TIMM's privacy policy, please check the check box. When you check it, the "Confirm" button will be enabled, so click it.

    Proceed to the confirmation screen, and if there are no problems with the registration details, please apply for registration.

After applying for registration, the TIMM Office will confirm your registration details.
If there is no problem with the details, approval will be made and an approval notification email will be sent to your registered email address. After approval, please log in from here. Do not lose your registered ID and password.

[Important Notice]
In Case You Have Not Received Application Result Mail from TIMM ONLINE

All application of TIMM ONLINE such as buyer, visitor, press are screened, which means all of you who applied should have been received screening result by automated email from TIMM ONLINE. We will proceed our registration process promptly except night time.

If you have not received any emails from TIMM ONLINE, your mail server might have recognized it as junk mail, then automatically sent to junk box, delayed or even blocked.

In this case, please look at your junk box of your mail server first. If you have not found any, please try to login here with your ID (mail address) and Password. If you still have any trouble logging in, I am afraid but please contact to TIMM office.