The 19th Tokyo International Music Market
All Showcase Live and Business Seminars Lineups Announced



We are pleased to announce the lineup for the 19th Tokyo International Music Market (19thTIMM)/TIMM ONLINE showcase live performances and business seminars. This announcement follows the first announcement made on October 7, and the full lineup is now available.

The performers for each day of the Showcase Live and all themes and timetables for the Business Seminar will be as follows. The timetable for the Showcase Live will be announced on October 17, the first day of the event, on the official TIMM website.

In addition, the TIMM official website offers free accounts (visitor registration) for people in the music and entertainment industry to view business seminars and live showcase events.

Please note that the format of the event, as well as the content and hours of the real venue and online content, may be subject to change depending on the status of the COVID-19 infection.


Dates: October 17 (Mon.), 18 (Tue.), 19 (Wed.)  * Start time 10:00 pm(JST) on each day

Streaming site:

TIMM ONLINE : *registration required

JMCE official YouTube channel : *for general

Performers: *alphabetical order

DAY 1 - Oct. 17th (mon)  start time 10 pm (JST)

Alisa, DENSYA, BPM15Q, Flesh Juicer, mona+

DAY 2 - Oct. 18th (tue) start time 10 pm (JST)

ulma sound junction, Ekotumi, Kazuo, DENSYA, NANO

DAY 3 - Oct. 19th (wed) start time 10 pm (JST)


* You can watch the archives on YouTube for 24 hours after the end of each day's live showcases.
* Archived viewing will be available on TIMM ONLINE after the above mentioned period.
*  Performers are subject to change.
* The live showcases will be unattended, and no tickets will be sold to the general public.
* Please check the TIMM website ( for the latest information.


Dates: October 18 (Tue.), 19 (Wed.)

Streaming site; TIMM ONLINE *registration required

Oct. 18th(tue)

- 11:00 am (JST)

"The real current situation and future of music festivals and events around the world"


Social emergencies such as the global spread of COVID-19 and energy shortages due to the Ukraine problem continue to bring about major changes in the music industry. Festivals and concerts, which can be said to be the most important in the entertainment business, are inevitably transformed in line with the times, but the nature of these transformations varies depending on the circumstances of each market. In this seminar, representatives from several countries will talk about the current status and prospects of music events in their respective countries.

Shotaro Tsuda/Festival Life, the chief editor

Andy Jones/FOCUS Wales, Co-Founder & Music Programmer (UK)
Evelyn Sieber/Reeperbahn Festival, Head of Sales & Partnerships (Germany)

-2:00 pm (JST)

"Generation Z music situation"

Yui Yamaguchi, an expert in SNS trends and Generation Z insights, explains how Generation Z approaches music along the customer journey. While analyzing what kind of music Gen Z seeks, where they encounter it, how they share it, and how they become fans. The music situation of the Z generation is made clear.

Yui Yamaguchi/Composer, Music Producer, Marketing Planner

- 4:30 pm (JST)

"Entertainment market strategy in the Middle East"


In 2019, Saudi Arabia launched a policy to promote entertainment and tourism as part of its economic diversification, lifted the ban on tourist visas, and opened the door to non-Muslim tourism. The Arab (Middle East/North Africa) entertainment industry is now attracting a great deal of attention from all over the world. And along with this change, the reality that Japanese animation is widely rooted in Arab countries is becoming clear. In this seminar, creators involved in these projects will talk about Japanese companies' efforts and prospects for the Arab entertainment industry.

Akira Takatoriya/Businessman at an entertainment company

Kaoru Wada/Composer

Oct. 19th(wed)

-1:00 pm (JST)

"MUSIC x TikTok (SNS) Strategy in ASEAN"


Social media has become a great part in promoting songs or creating buzzes in the music industry. Today hit songs emerges from a scroll of a finger tips or just a share of track. Sometimes there’s a reason and sometimes it’s just the right timing. With representative from APAC region of different perspectives, lets discuss how music expand to live and vibe into listener’s playlist.

Aki Yamaguchi/ KOL, Creator Strategist, SFV Specialist, Content Creator, Tiktoker (Thailand/Japan)

Tik Playground/Home Run Music, Executive Producer, Singer and Song Writer, Playground Band, vocal (Thailand)
Laras Anggoro/Influencer Manager(Indonesia)

- 3:00 pm (JST)

"Aiming to further increase the collection of copyright royalties for the usage of Japanese music overseas"
[Co-organizer] Music Publishers Association of Japan

Japanese music is distributed and streamed in various forms on YouTube and other DSPs in the world, and it is too difficult for music publishers and other rights holders in Japan to confirm whether copyright royalty fees are being collected accurately.

At the suggestion of Muserk, LLC, a company that helps maximize the collection of copyright royalties, a demonstration experiment was conducted, and a certain amount of revenue was realized.

In order to further increase royalty collection and revenues, we invited Breaker Inc. (ORFIUM Japan), who is engaged in similar activities as Muserk, LLC, to talk about the above theme.

Prior to above, YouTube (Google) Inc. will provide an explanation on "the concept of revenue and distribution from overseas for Japanese music copyrights on YouTube" in the first half of the session.

[Co-organizer] Music Publishers Association of Japan

Charles Mikami / Board of Director, Global Business Committee Chairman,  Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ) / President, Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc.)

【Session 1】

The concept of revenue and distribution for Japanese Music Copyrights on YouTube


Takeya Kito / Head of Music Content Partnerships, Youtube (Google Inc)

【Session 2】

Panel discussion of Meserk, LLC and ORFIUM Japan


Paul Goldman / Muserk LLC,, CEO (pre recorded)

Alan Swarts / Breaker Inc., Chief Executive Officer (Orfium Japan)

- 5:00 pm (JST)

"Synching Local Music in Foreign Media~ with a Case Study in Hollywood Films"
[Co-organizer] Visual Industry Promotion Organization

This panel, delivered from Los Angeles, will focus on tips to synch local Japanese music in foreign films/games etc, with advise from an award winning music supervisor Season Kent, with examples from her recent music supervision of "Bullet Train" starring Brad Pitt, and LA based music producer/music director/music executive Koyo Sonae.

Hana Tabata / COO , UMAA Inc. /Executive Director, VIPO

Season Kent / Music Supervisor
Koyo Sonae / Music Producer

* Seminar content and speakers are subject to change
* Only 19th TIMM attendees will be able to attend the seminars at Shibuya Stream Hall.
* Please check the TIMM website ( for the latest information.

<Outline of the 19th Tokyo International Music Market ( 19thTIMM ) / TIMM ONLINE>

Tokyo International Music Market is an event where people involved in the music industry from Japan and foreign countries gather together for the purpose of promoting Japanese music global. After taking COVID-19 measures, the offline event at Shibuya STREAM Hall will be held for the first time in three years, and at the same time, in order to support domestic and foreign industry business people who cannot come to Tokyo during the exhibition, the online business matching website “TIMM ONLINE” will be launched. It will be held in the first hybrid format of T IMM , which is a fusion .

October 17th (Monday) to 19th (Wednesday ) , 2022

Shibuya STREAM Hall (Business Seminars/Showcase Live/Business Lounge)
TIMM ONLINE (Online Business Meeting/Networking/Business Seminars/Showcase Live)

* The showcase live will be open to the public on the JMCE official YouTube channel.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
Japan Music Culture Export (JMCE)

Supporting organizations:
All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference (ACPC)
Society for the Administration of Remuneration for Audio Home Recording (SARAH)
Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME)
Music Publishers Association of Japan (MPAJ)
The Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ)
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC)
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