Announcing the participation outline for the
17th Tokyo International Music Market (17th TIMM)/TIMM ONLINE
- Entries for exhibitors and live music showcase accepted from August 20, briefing to be held August 26 -



The Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) is Japan’s one and only international music market where both domestic and overseas music industry professionals gather in one place with the common goal of taking Japanese music overseas. Last year, the stage was set in the music hub of Shibuya where more than 5000 attendees gathered over three days, including more than 200 overseas buyers from 26 different countries and regions. 

This year marks TIMM’s 17th year, and in light of the global novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, for the first time ever we will move the venue from Shibuya and take it online, titling this year’s event “TIMM ONLINE.” 

TIMM ONLINE will of course feature online business matching and networking, but we will also stream business seminars, presentations, and live music showcases providing fulfilling content and an excellent venue for business negotiations befitting this modern age.

<Tokyo International Music Market (17th TIMM) / TIMM ONLINE Participation Outline>

Dates: (Wed) November 4 – (Fri) November 6, 2020 

Details: The official TIMM website features the newly established TIMM ONLINE, which includes the following features for conducting business and networking: exhibitors’ page, buyer list, negotiation function, and presentation posting screen. During the event, business seminars, presentations, and the live music showcase will be streamed offering the same menu online that is normally available at the brick-and-mortar venue each year.

Sponsors: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Visual Industry Promotion Organization, Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation

Supporting organizations: (Applications are currently being considered and we will inform you as soon as a decision is made)


・The official TIMM website is being renovated, and in addition to the exhibitor’s page that has always been made available, TIMM participants will be able to access the buyers list as well as use the business negotiation function (a function that allows messaging between exhibitors and buyers) in an effort to support online negotiations and networking with buyers. 

・The core events of TIMM ONLINE will take place over three days, and the seminar and performance content will be available during that time. However, exhibitors will have access to the function that allows negotiation with and contacting buyers as well as access to the seminar and performance archive until June 30, 2021. We hope that you find TIMM ONLINE useful in building long term relationships with buyers. 

・Participants are able to view the content including business seminars, presentations, and the live music showcase. 

*The business seminars, presentations, and live music showcase can be viewed during TIMM at no cost to participants registered as online attendees. The live music showcase will be open to the general public. Registration for online attendees, including press coverage, will begin around October.

<About Registering as an Exhibitor and Performance Entries>

・TIMM ONLINE offers two different exhibitor options. For details, please see the TIMM website.

・The registration period for exhibiting or performing in the live music showcase is as follows. 

〇 Exhibiting at TIMM ONLINE: Application period (Thu) August 20 – (Wed) October 21 

〇 Live music showcase entries: Application period (Thu) August 20 – (Fri) September 11 

*Entries for the live music showcase are limited to TIMM ONLINE exhibitors. 

*The live music showcase will be streamed from an audience-less location within Tokyo for three days from November 4 – 6. 

*Please understand that if there are an excess of performance applications selections will be made from among the entries. 

〇 Application method: Please send an inquiry to An “Exhibitor Reservation Form” will be sent in response.

<About the Exhibitors’ Briefing>
A briefing will be held online as follows for those considering exhibiting. We are looking forward to your participation. 

Date & Time: Wed. August 26, 2020 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. 

Those who wish to attend should fill in questions ①, ②, and ③ below and submit an application by noon on Tuesday, August 2. The URL for the online briefing will then be sent to you in an e-mail.

① Participant’s name
② Affiliated company or organization
③ E-mail address and phone number 

Send applications to:

<About Overseas Buyer Registration>
Registration for overseas buyers and curators who wish to participate in TIMM ONLINE will begin mid-October. The application method will be announced here at a later date. 


For inquiries regarding TIMM
The Japan Music Industry and Culture Promotion Foundation (JMCE) 
TIMM Secretariat
Contact here
Tel +81-3-3560-9881