The 19th TIMM is looking forward to your onsite participation in TOKYO. However, the situation of COVID-19 in the world is still not resolved and constantly changing. To enable more people to join TIMM, we will hold it in hybrid format. For those planning to attend in person, we have prepared various contents including business matching/networking,  business seminars and artist showcase at Stream Hall in Shibuya. Online participants will be able to access to the most of contents from anywhere in the world via TIMMONLINE.

[updated: October 3rd. 2022]

                The 19thTIMM (2022) :

                Format: Hybrid (Online/Offline)

                Dates:  October 17 (Mon), 18 (Tue), 19 (Wed) , 2022

[Offline Event]

Location: Shibuya STREAM Hall  (3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo)



The international buyer who can visit at Shibuya STREAM Hall at that time must be registered with the TIMMONLINE. Please see below how to register for TIMMONLINE. 

Only those who have registered for TIMMONLINE can visit the Shibuya STREAM Hall, the offline venue of the 19th TIMM. After the registration to TIMMONLINE, please sent TIMM Office about how to visit Shibuya STREAM Hall.

TIMM Ofice


Please register TIMMONLINE from here

Once you have completed the register process and have been validated, you can access TIMMONLINE at any time.

Buyers who have already registered in TIMMONLINE  do not need to re-register.

■ International buyer registration of TIMMONLINE
・ Registration is free
・ There is a review by the TIMMoffice (Registration is limited to those involved in business development, promotion, curation, etc. of Japanese music content overseas)
・ Business seminars, showcase live viewing, buyers, exhibitors You can browse each page of the person / artist and contact the exhibitor and other buyers (send / receive messages).

■Visitor registration for TIMMONLINE
Please see the below URL.

[Notes] For those who do not receive the TIMMONLINE approval email

For those who have applied for registration of TIMM ONLINE's Buyer Visitor Press, we will send an automatic email (email address: to notify you of approval or suspension at any time. In addition, we will respond in a timely manner to subsequent applications, except during the night hours.

If you have not received the automatically sent e-mail from TIMM ONLINE within half a day after the application, will be recognized as junk e-mail by the e-mail receiving side, and it will be delayed, sorted to the junk e-mail folder, or blocked. It is possible that it has occurred.

If you cannot confirm the e-mail in the junk e-mail folder, please try logging in to TIMM ONLINE from here with the login ID (e-mail address) and password you applied for.

If you still cannot log in, please contact the TIMMoffice from here .


[Important]Current Japanese Border Measures
To enter Japan, you need to follow the procedures based on the new Japanese border measures.

For more information, please read the following sites to see all the steps you need to take if you plan to attend TIMM in Tokyo. It is highly recommended that you check the sites frequently as the measures are constantly updated depending on the situation of COVID 19 and the required steps differ depending on the country you are staying before arriving in Japan.
*Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan
*Ministry of health, labour and welfare

⚠ Points:
 * VISA (Currently anyone entering Japan is required VISA)

 Regarding the question of ERFS support, we will respond individually.
 * Vaccine Certificate (The measure differs depends on the country of your stay before arriving Japan, so you must confirm your case.)
 * Pre-registration of MySOS App is required

 * Please carry out the procedures for entering Japan at your own risk. TIMM office cannot take any responsibility.


[Participant as an Exhibitor]
Registration as an exhibitor of 19thTIMM has already closed.