<TIMM Business Seminars in Summer Sonic 2022> The future story of AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC

August 27 (sat)


AREA DIP, a project focusing on Asian urban culture, will hold "AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC. The performers and related parties, including JQ, vocalist of Nulbarich, who will participate as a curator, will report on the latest situation of the music market in Asia. In particular, they will discuss future prospects after the pandemic, the characteristics of the Japanese music market as seen from abroad, as well as the possibility of gaining overseas fans for Japanese music and alternate collaborations with artists from other countries.


Hitoshi Kurimoto / Music Writer
Takayuki Suzuki / President, Parade All Co.

Moena Neuhaus / J-WAVE Navigator

-What is AREA DIP?
”AREA DIP" is a project based on the concept of introducing artists who lead city culture in Asian countries to the world. ”AREA DIP" official YouTube channel will be the first to release a variety of cultural information, including original live videos and playlists. The first content is a 24/7 live streaming service of Asian city music, available on Spotify playlists and other music distribution services, and updated monthly with new tracks. From August, acoustic live videos (original live videos) of the artists themselves performing in their favorite cities and places will be added. In conjunction with the announcement of the launch of "AREA DIP", "AREA DIP 2022 in MIDNIGHT SONIC," one of the largest club events in Japan, will be held within "SUMMER SONIC 2022,"where the event will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba of Japan, curated by JQ, vocalist and producer of Nulbarich, on Saturday, August 20.