<TIMM Business Seminars in Summer Sonic 2022>Where the music cover jackets & artwork will go for future

August 28 (sun)


The music cover jackets and artworks, such as record jackets, which appealed to the visual sense and communicated the appeal of music, is one element that has driven the market as much as music, in the course of the development of the music industry. Today, with the diversification of media, artwork is becoming increasingly important as a communication point with fans and as a means of presenting an artist's worldview. With the emergence of next generation technologies such as NFT, how will artwork/visual expression change in 2020 and beyond? What kind of visual expression of entertainment will emerge? We interviewed three professionals whose work is currently based on visuals, and asked them about their thoughts on the future.


Wataru Yoshida / Creative Production Division, Sony Music Solutions Inc.
Naomi Akatsu/DRC LLC Deputy General Manager,
Planning and Marketing Department, Universal Music Group FOR BRANDS
Yusuke Konan / Leader, Next Generation Business Promotion Department, RECOCHOKU Co.

Hirohisa Nakamura / President, 4TR Inc.