<TIMM Business Seminars in Summer Sonic 2022> Web3, NFT, and Metaverse invite further development and a brighter future for arts, culture, and entertainment

August 28 (sun)


Web 3, NFT, and Metaverse are expanding the possibilities of new culture and entertainment on a global scale and realizing a new way of being in society. The next generation of creators from Japan are expanding globally through this domain. We will hear from creators who are pursuing new position in art, character, fashion, and music from Japan about their current status and the potentials and challenges they see for the future.


Edo Lena/Metaverse Artists
MISOSHITA/Metaverse Architects
Nobuyuki Takeda/LITE,Fake Creators
mekezzo/BeyondConcept,Inc CEO

Takayuki Suzuki / CEO, Parade All K.K. CEO, Meta Tokyo K.K.