"MUSIC x TikTok (SNS) Strategy in ASEAN" October 19th (wed) 1:00pm (JST)

October 19 (wed)


Social media has become a great part in promoting songs or creating buzzes in the music industry. Today hit songs emerges from a scroll of a finger tips or just a share of track. Sometimes there’s a reason and sometimes it’s just the right timing. With representative from APAC region of different perspectives, lets discuss how music expand to live and vibe into listener’s playlist.

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Aki Yamaguchi/KOL/Creator Strategist: SFV Specialist: Content Creator : Tiktoker (Thailand/Japan)


Tik Playground/Home Run Music, Executive Producer, Singer and Song Writer, Playground Band, vocal(Thailand)

Laras Anggoro/Influencer Manager(Indonesia)