Music Business and International Cooperation in the Post-Covid Era - Focusing on Online Platform and Asia Pacific Regional Alliance -
Presented by WIN & IMCJ in corporation with Merlin

November 4 (wed)


Merlin provides invaluable digital licensing service to independent labels and artists, who expand their business to the global market and enjoy incremental revenue sources and opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made music business abroad difficult, however, especially for independent companies that lack global locations. Even after the end of lockdowns, traveling or conducting direct operations outside of one's country will not be easy. There is a new motivation to shift the focus to opportunities abroad and partnerships to promote international cooperation. An Asia-Pacific alliance could help independent labels in the region exchange knowledge and resources to work towards commons objectives in the post-COVID era, such as promoting diversity, advocating for a level playing field and improving business practice.

<Message from Takuya Hirai (Japan's Minister for Digital Transformation)>

Keynote: Merlin Presentation

Speaker: Jeremy Sirota, CEO of Merlin

WIN’s commitment for global network and digital environment

Speaker: Charlie Phillips, COO of Worldwide Independent Network (WIN)

Panel Discussion: “International cooperation in the post-Covid era: a proposal to form an alliance in the Asia Pacific region”

Moderator : Noemi Planas(Network Development Director, WIN)

Speakers : Tatsuya Nomura(President of FMPJ & Hip Land Music, Japan), Jeffrey Chiang(Global Business Manager, LIAK / Fluxus Music, South Korea), Alessandro Pavanello (International Manager, IMCO / Kanjian Music, China), Dr. Asugan Pechi Muthu(CEO, One Stop Music, Malaysia)(Case study with Oliver Knust, Director, IMICHILE, LATAM Network Initiative)