【Music Ally Japan Digital Summit in TIMM】Cultivating Music Marketing Professionals – The Future of the Japanese Music Industry a Digital Transformation Perspective Co-organizer: Music Ally Japan

November 5 (thu)


These days digital marketing skills are essential in the global music market. Japan is still in the initial stages of putting these skills to use, but as the shift to digital progresses, they will soon become an imperative. It can also be said that strengthening the skills and training the workforce in line with the demands of the times will create a positive future for Japan’s music industry. In the first part of this seminar, we will conduct interviews from Germany as a case study that has overcome similar issues to Japan in the realm of digital transformation. The second part of the seminar will be geared towards those who want to learn practical digital marketing skills with a panel discussion of the issues surrounding methods and personnel training and specific actions that must be taken in order to achieve a digital shift in Japan’s music industry.


Speakers: Johannes Scholz(Marketing Manager, IRRSIN Tonträger GmbH), Amke Block(Head of Music Ecosystem Development, Surround)


Moderator : Jay Kogami(Digital Music Journalist / Editor-inChief “All Digital Music” Music Business Media)

Speakers : Kazunari Imai (Executive Producer, PONY CANYON INC.), Yuuki Kaneko (Vice President, Japan, The Orchard)

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