#Let the Music Play – Live Entertainment in Europe Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic Co-organizer: ACPC (All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoters Conference)

November 5 (thu)


The novel coronavirus has had a deep impact on the live entertainment industry in every country of the world. In this seminar, we will report on the situation in Europe with a special focus on the United Kingdom while taking a look at the support measures governments have instituted for the live entertainment industry. We will also highlight the steps that have been taken by each layer, including promoters, facility providers, and organizations in this era of life with the coronavirus.

Moderator : Mitsuya Fujimoto(Director, Brave Little Tunes)

Speakers : Greg Parmley(Managing Director at International Live Music Conference/Chair of the UK Live Music Group)、John Langford(President of the European Arena Association/Chief Operating Officer AEG Europe)、Mark Davyd(Music Venue Trust CEO & Founder)