On the Front Lines of the Asian Music Business

November 6 (fri)


Each country and region of Asia, including Japan, has its own unique business environment resulting in those in the music industry in Europe and North America often looking upon the Asian music market as something mysterious. Even for those living in Asia, trying to keep up with the latest status of the music business in neighboring countries or regions can be a major challenge. We will therefore hold a panel discussion featuring three Japanese involved in various aspects of the music business in Japan, Greater China, and Thailand. What are the popular styles of listening to music and popular platforms? How has COVID-19 influenced the music industry? What kinds of new music business challenges are there? All of these questions and more will be discussed as they relate to the situations in the various countries and regions of Asia. We hope people from around the world will get a feel for the passion of the music business in Asia!

Takuya Yamazaki (Attorney-at-Law, Founder and Managing Partner of Field-R Law Offices)

Shinichiro Honda(Vice President, Hall Operation Division, Zepp Hall Network Inc.)
Ginn(An owner of music label "dessin the world" for supporting Japanese and Thai indie scene)

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