The current state of City Pop’s global boom and the future of music catalogues

November 3 (wed)
14:00 - 15:45


In recent years, 1970s and 1980s Japanese City Pop has made an innovative global hit and given huge impact on music scene. The songs refreshed through the filters of young DJs and YouTubers from overseas have been spread all over the world via SNS, then reached the top of hit charts.

In this seminar [Part.1], the key players of the global movement will discuss the current situation in overseas and the appeal of City Pop.

Also in [Part.2], after verifying the tendency of global hits with data of streaming services, we will exchange the opinions about directions of the next developments and the possibilities of expansion of music catalogues to overseas with parson in charge of the label.


MINO / Musician/ Video Creator

Night Tempo / Korean Music Producer &DJ
Azzedine Fall / French Music Journalist & Independent A&R


Ryohei Matsunaga / Music Journalist

Kazunari Imai / Marketing Creative Div.
Executive Officer and Exective Director, PONYCANYON INC.
Noriko Ashizawa / Head of Content, Spotify Japan

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