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     Yogee New Waves formed in 2013 and released their debut EP, CLIMAX NIGHT in 2014.  That year they also performed on the illustrious “ROOKIE A GO-GO” stage at Fuji Rock Festival, followed by the release of their first album, PARAISO, which was picked up by numerous media outlets.  In addition to participating in a large number of music festivals throughout Japan, they have also successfully completed tours across Asia in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, expanding their activities overseas.

    They released their third album, BLUEHARLEM in 2019 and completed their nationwide, single-artist, “TOUR BLUEHARLEM 2019” tour of 14 performances and went on to hold a tour of Asia, performing in seven major Chinese cities and 10 other cities around Asia.  That same year, they recorded “to the moon” for their first tie-in with a TV serial drama and released the song as their fourth EP, to the MOON.  In July 2020, they digitally released their latest song, “White Lily Night” holding their first online live performance the same day.  In December, they held their first live performance with a combined in-person and online audience.

     They appeared at the 2021 Fuji Rock Festival and will be releasing their long-awaited, new album WINDORGAN in October, roughly two and a half years since the release of their last album.  That month also kicked-off their 14-city, nationwide tour, “WINDORGAN TOUR 2021.”