Avex Entertainment Inc.


A music trio based in Tokyo, Japan. Features an urban, flowing sound with J-POP at its core, and including elements of various genres, club, lounge, and R&B. The trio consecutively released streaming singles "aloe", "coin laundry / alcohol", and "hanataba" from September to November 2020. Despite working as an indies group, they were reached top 10 of Spotify's "Japan Viral Top 50" despite working as an indies group. As for official Spotify playlist, the trio's songs have been selected in various playlists with tens of thousands of listeners, such as "Early Noise Japan," "Spotify Japan Fastest Rising Charts," "Tokyo Rising," "Next Up," and more. In January 2021, the trio attracted further attention after being selected by Spotify as "RADAR: Early Noise 2021," one of the artists expected to make a big leap forward this year.