Void_Chords feat.LIO


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Ryo Takahashi (born November 1, 1985) is a Japanese musician, composer, arranger, music producer, and DJ. He is the former bassist of Little GARDEN Little MOON and the producer of ONE III NOTES. He is a member of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers and the Japan Composers and Arrangers Association. As a solo artist, he performs under the name Void_Chords.

He was born in Mie Prefecture. Influenced by his father, a jazz drummer, he began learning various instruments at a young age. After doing a guitar recording in high school, he decided to aim for a professional music career. Dropping out of music college, he began releasing music with his own band, Little GARDEN Little MOON, through Stardust Music Publishing. At the same time, he began participating in various other sessions as a bassist and working as a composer and arranger. As a creator, he has released a large number of pop songs and contributed to the soundtracks of numerous anime, games, and other works.