Yoshiko Hanzaki 半﨑美子




Songwriter from Hokkaido. Hanzaki quit college and decided to go to Tokyo to become a musician.

She began writing songs while working at the bakery where she was allowed to live in.

She individually toured around the shopping all over Japan to sing in front of crowds, while she never belonged to management office or music label.

She finally made a major debut in April 2017 after spending 17 years of struggle.

1st Album “Uta-ben” was on a long hit, songs including “Obento-bako no uta ~Anata he no otegami”(NHK Song of People) and “Sakura ~Sotsugyo dekinakatta kimi-he~”

Media called her “The princess of shopping mall” , after she released songs about her time singing in front of crowds at the shopping mall.

She won rookie of the year award at “Japan Cable Award” in October 2017.

In March 2018, MBS / TBS "Jonetsu Tairiku" broadcasted her way of life and school visits, which went viral soon after it been aired.

On November 4, she had a success at the culmination concert at Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

"Asu Heno Joso (Introduction of Tomorrow)" is published in the music teaching materials for junior high school students released by Kyoiku Geijutsu-Sha

 "Osaka Koi Shigure," which became a hot topic in music provided by Yoshimi Tendo, was  sung at the 70th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in 2019.

One of her dreams is to have her song appear in a textbook, hoping that her song will live longer than herself.