EASTOKLAB イーストオーケーラボ



Hioki Hayato (Vo/Syn/Gt)
Nishio Daisuke (Gt)
Oka Daiki (Ba/Syn)
Tabo Yuki (Dr)

This Nagoya-based rock band formed in 2018.

They use various arrangement styles, including electro-funk, shoegaze, dream pop, minimal music, bass music, alternative, and rock to produce a sound that cannot be defined by one category or genre.

Their free and easy vocals and beautiful soundscape have earned them recognition as the Japanese Coldplay.

While they use a variety of equipment during their live performances, they have eliminated any synchronization devices or loop stations to pursue an entirely human-crafted approach.

EASTOKLAB made their debut on June 5, 2019 with a self-titled mini album on the DAIZAWA RECORDS/U.K. PROJECT label.

That year they toured Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto with ROTH BART BARON, polly, STEPHENSMITH, my young animal, and SIRMO STAD.

The following year they found themselves in the spotlight for their digital mini album “Fake Planets,” released on June 3, 2020. Originally, the album was only available digitally, but due to popular demand, a special physical album was also released with a choice of seven different jacket colors and available for purchase only at concert venues and a handful of record stores.

An e-mail snowballed into a collaboration with ANIMAL HACK and the release of the digital single, “ICE RED” on November 11, 2020.  

In 2021, in conjunction with the band polly, they released the split album “Twin.” on cassette tape available only at concert venues and the two bands held a split tour across Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kyoto.

On November 10, 2021, they released their first single-artist album in a year and a half, the digital mini album, “Ai.”

A remix album, “Ai – Beside Remix” is set for release on January 19, 2022.


日置逸人[ Hioki Hayato ](Vo/Syn/Gt)

西尾大祐[ Nishio Daisuke ](Gt)

岡大樹[ Oka Daiki ](Ba/Syn)

田保友規[ Tabo Yuki ](Dr)





2019年6月5日、DAIZAWA RECORDS / UK.PROJECT より Mini Album『EASTOKLAB』でデビュー。
ROTH BART BARON、polly、STEPHENSMITH、my young animal、SIRMO STADを迎え東名京ツアーを開催。

翌年、2020年6月3日、Digital Mini Album『Fake Planets』をリリースし注目を集めた。
同年11月11日、1通のメールをきっかけに始まったANIMAL HACKとの共作『ICE RED』をデジタルリリース。

2021年、polly とのスプリット盤『Twin.』を会場限定カセットテープでリリースし、東名京のスプリットツアーを開催。
11月10日、単独音源としては1年半振りとなるDigital Mini Album『Ai』をリリース。2022年1月19日、Remix Album『Ai - Bedside Remix』をリリースする。