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     Ao (stylized as “ao”), a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter, made her debut on Victor Entertainment’s Colourful Records in September 2021 with "Tag".  In January 2022, she was selected by Spotify as a "RADAR: Early Noise 2022" artist as one of the most promising new artists of 2022.  Following the release of her first EP Look in March, ao continued to constantly release new music including "Ripple" and "Change", the latter being the theme song for a YouTube original movie Change, produced by Yaffle (Youki Kojima) who was nominated for “Best Music – Feature” at the 49th Annie Awards for the soundtrack to the animated film Poupelle of Chimney Town.

     "4ever", released in July 2023, is a dance-oriented track in which ao unleashes the hopeless energy of loneliness, locked up feeling, and anxiety with a modern EDM sound.  Despite its tone, this song shines with ao's unique lyrical sense, in which each person tries to live strongly as they are in each day of their lives that will surely come, while being almost crushed by emotions born of negative elements.  Her latest digital-single "Encore", released in August, is a piano ballad with her vivid vocals wrapped in minimal electronic pop and it is a kind of lullaby that expresses the difficulty and uncertainty of love through emotions of the voice.

     With lyrics that capture the realities of everyday life with a unique sensibility, together with an outstanding voice, ao expresses everything from heavy and dark beat sounds to uplifting and catchy melodies that attract much attention particularly from younger generations.