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A dance and vocal group comprised of six members: ISSA, YORI, TOMO, KIMI, U-YEAH and KENZO.
In June 1997, they made their debut from a major label as DA PUMP, produced by music producer m.c.A・T.
Issa, the vocalist, has exceptional vocal skills to sing extraordinarily well while dancing, which are highly acclaimed even abroad. Having such an undisputed ability, he is also regarded as a golden standard among the globally popular K-POP performers.
As the group that could dance and sing genuinely well, they made a breakthrough right after their debut, triggering a huge trend across the country in the midst of the karaoke craze back then, where almost all young men chose to sing songs of DA PUMP at karaoke. It became trendy in particular to do a singing impression of the session part between the rapper and the singer of their song “if...,” released on September 27, 2000. The song become popular across all generations, and even today, 21 years after its release, it continues to claim its high place in karaoke rankings, always being chosen as one of the most popular Japanese hit songs of all time.

In addition, all the members other than Issa are experienced, skillful dancers who have represented Japan and won top prizes at world dance competitions. All of them are active, first-rate performers of each street dance genre (Pop, Hip-hop, Clamp, Rock, Breaking, New Jack Swing, etc.).
In 2018, their 29th single “U.S.A.” became a massive hit as their first single release in three and a half years. Its music video has got over 370 million views (as of December 2021). The catchy tune as well as the easy dance move called “Iine! (Like!) dance[TS2] ” choregraphed by TOMO and KENZO, as part of the group’s creative efforts to make it an uplifting song, created a huge sweeping buzz on SNS all over Japan! They became a nationwide trend among everyone across all generations, regardless of gender and age, cheering up the spirit of the whole country. DA PUMP won the “Special Award” and the “Songs of the Year” award at “The 60th Japan Record Awards,” prestigious awards that honor the most outstanding creators and singers in the Japanese music industry of the year.

Thus, having got awarded the prestigious “Japan Record Awards” for four years in a row, DA PUMP is a popular music group that is still active in the front lines of the industry today.

Past overseas live appearances

2019 Japan Vietnam Fesival (Vietnam)
2019 Super Slipper LIVE (Taiwan・Taipei)