Vicke Blanka ビッケブランカ


Avex Music Creative Inc.


A singer-songwriter from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. His song "Masshiro" released in 2018 received a lot of attention when it was featured in a TV drama and in the following year, "Ca Va?" was used as a TV commercial song for Spotify. Also regarding overseas, "Black Catcher" and "Black Rover," his opening song for the "Black Clover" series has been a long-standing hit, Black Catcher" has been in the Top 10 of Spotify's "Most Played Overseas Songs by Japanese Artists" for three consecutive years since 2020. Currently, it has over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 400 million total music streaming plays. He released "Changes" on April 2022 that is used as the worldwide ending song for the new French film "La Revanche des Crevettes pailletées (Original title)," which was a big success. In October, Vicke Blanka's first arena performance of the new event "RAINBOW ROAD - KI -" was held. In addition, he is expanding his activities in various fields such as songwriting, radio DJ, advertising modeling, and eSports streamer.

Past overseas live appearances

2019 Vickeblanka Ca Va Tour (Shanghai)