Megatera Zero is very active in Japan.

With 1 million YouTube subscribers and over 540 million total views, he is one of Japan's leading artists in both name and reality.

In September 2021, he posted "Bokuno Shunkashuto" on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, beginning his career as a Vocaloid P. His original works are also rapidly gaining recognition.

His most attractive point is his one-of-a-kind husky voice and his unique view of the world of lyrics through his unparalleled expressive style.

In addition to his solo activities, he is the lead vocalist of the Rock Band "Mr. FanTastiC," which is highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad. Megatera Zero, who has been vigorously developing his musical activities, has been releasing original music for streaming since last year. Currently, he has released 32 songs.

The music video for "Down," released on September 12, 2011, received over 4 million views. "Toast to This Night," released on March 31 this year, received 3.6 million views within 6 months of its upload, and "Oh wow! released on April 30 of this year, has broken records with its release, receiving 2.7 million views within 3 months of its release, and has succeeded in gaining many listeners through streaming distribution as well.

And in July of this year, it was selected as the opening theme for the second chapter of the famous TV animemation “Mononogatari“.

The biggest topic is that the song has been chosen as the theme song for the TV Tokyo drama "Black Postman," which will start on Friday, August 18! For the next three months, Megadera Zero's original music will be aired nationwide in Japan during the highest-rated time slots of famous Japanese TV stations.

There is no doubt that Megatera Zero will be a hit artist in many countries around the world. This has been proven by his past activities. Many inquiries from around the world have already been received by Japanese management. He is the closest Japanese artist to the U.S. Billboard charts, both in name and reality.