Rokudenashi - The Flame of Love

Rokudenashi - Spica


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     Rokudenashi is a next-generation music project launched in June 2021 by vocalist "ninzin" who boasts 970,000 followers on TikTok together with up-and-coming “Vocaloid” producers, the so-called “Vocalo-P” composers.  The project has so far recruited such Vocalo Ps as 40mP, Hifumi, MIMI, and NayutalieN.  The artist’s third single "One Voice" released in December 2021 became a viral hit in Japan and other Asian countries, and ranked on Spotify’s “Viral 50” across Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore.  The song garnered a total of some 63 million streams and more than 90 million music video views drawing much attention to the artist.

     2023 sees Rokudenashi continuing to actively release new songs digitally.  In February, "The Flame of Love," produced by re-teaming with MIMI, the composer of "One Voice", dropped achieving over 10 million views on YouTube within six months of its release.  In June Rokudenashi released "Spica", written by NayutalieN, and it became the fastest music video in Rokudenashi's history to exceed 1 million views within 10 days of its release, ranking on YouTube’s trending chart and Spotify’s fastest climbers chart, setting a viral milestone.