WENDY - Runaway


JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation


     Formed in October 2020, WENDY is a four-piece band of 18 and 19-year-olds who met at a youth exchange center in their residential Setagaya, Tokyo.  Their music is strongly influenced by the ‘70s and ‘80s roots rock and hard rock, along with their looks and styles embodying such influences.  Being heavy listeners of both old and new Western rock and with members of British and Russian descent, they started writing songs naturally in English.

     On April 10, 2022, WENDY held their first headlining show at Shimo-Kitazawa Basement Bar, playing in front of a sold-out crowd, and their first single “Rock n Roll is Back” was released on May 13th.  They continued to hone their live performance skills at venues and appeared in SUMMER SONIC on August 20 of 2022.     In May 2023, WENDY performed at METROCK.  On August 23rd of the same year, they released their first album Don't waste my YOUTH from Victor Entertainment, marking their way into the big league of Japanese labels.  The album was produced by Marc Whitmore, who won Album Of The Year at the 2022 Grammy Awards for John Batiste's album We Are.

     In the recent scene where a new generation of rock music such as Måneskin and The Linda Lindas is gaining momentum worldwide, WENDY is the next teenage band to watch out for emerging out of Japan to the world.