East Of Eden

East Of Eden - Evolve [Extended Version]


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     East Of Eden is a world-standard rock band embodying music that transcends existing genres, images, and attributes, formed by a violinist Ayasa gathering members she has wanted to play together, with the aim of expanding activities globally.  Ayasa has been active in many fields including music production and live performances, and has been selected to perform the role of “Rui Yashio”, the violinist of the real band "Morfonica" of the BanG Dream! project in 2020.  All of her original songs released since 2022 have been ranked No. 1 in the top instrumental songs on the iTunes Store.

     The vocalist is Akane Minato, who was the main vocalist of the idol group Predia (stylized as “predia”), which disbanded in 2022, having overwhelming singing ability.

     The guitarist is Yuki, who is also a member of the instrumental band D_Drive, which has signed with the British label Marshall Records and made its global debut.

     The bassist is Wakazaemon, who also plays bass for COTTELEE (read: Colonanamolemomo), formed as the world's first band franchise by the band MAXIMUM THE HORMONE since 2019.

     The drummer is MIZUKI, who is a brilliant and powerful drummer and has performed in "Animelo Summer LIVE 2012@Saitama Super Arena" as a backing band member for Mami Kawada, and has been active as a support drummer for various artists' live performances and recordings.

     The first single "Evolve [Extended Version]," released on August 8, 2023, is a 6-minute and 40-second rock number with a lot of heat and weight, fully incorporating each member's technique and performance.  Two months later, their first solo concert "East Of Eden - World Premiere Special Showcase 2023-", with tickets selling out instantly, was successfully held on October 8.  On the same day the band surprised the audience with the news that they will be dropping their first mini-album on December 20, 2023.  Entitled Forbidden Fruit -1st piece-, the much-awaited release will feature five tracks and will be available physically and digitally.