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     Gen Hoshino is a Japanese singer-songwriter, actor, and author. He began his career in music as the lead in the instrumental band SAKEROCK and became a solo artist in 2010.  In the past 13 years, he has released 12 singles, five albums, two EPs, and seven DVDs.  His 2018 album POP VIRUS hit #1 and is certified double platinum in Japan.  Following its success, he sold out eight shows in five baseball stadiums during his 2019 “POP VIRUS Tour” in Japan and went on to sell out a world tour with stops in Shanghai, New York, Yokohama, and Taipei.  Gen’s performances alongside Mark Ronson in New York and Yokohama on their respective stages were huge crowd-pleasers.

     The music that Gen produces is influenced by a variety of genres from around the world. His 2019 EP Same Thing featured international artists like Superorganism and Tom Misch, while in 2020, Gen participated in Mark Ronson’s “LOVE LOCKDOWN: Video Mixtape,” a virtual COVID-19 benefit, performing “Week End” from his home. In 2021, Gen teamed up with Korean R&B artist Zion.T on “Nomad,” a track featured in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album, a collection of music inspired by the Marvel Studios film and curated by Sean Miyashiro and 88rising.

     His song "Comedy" ("Kigeki"), the ending theme song for the TV anime SPY x FAMILY, was made digitally available in April 2022, ranked on the Spotify Global Viral Chart, and then climbed further up the charts in Asia, North America, and South America, hitting #1 in Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong, and #5 in the United States.  The remixed version which dropped in June, was created by DJ Jazzy Jeff, who took a liking to the song, and UK producer Kaidi Tatham, alongside Gen himself.  Gen performed at “Soundwave Series” in the world-famous game Fortnite, a series of musical shows featuring artists from around the world.

     In August 2023, Gen and comedian Masayasu Wakabayashi hosted a talk show series, LIGHTHOUSE, on Netflix.  He wrote the main theme song, “Mad Hope,” which features Louis Cole and Sam Gendel, and five other songs as the ending theme songs for the series.  Also, that same month, Gen curated and performed at SUMMER SONIC TOKYO.  “so sad so happy” Curated by Gen Hoshino at SUMMER SONIC BEACH STAGE featured his music-loving friends, including Jacob Collier, Camilo, UMI, and many more.  The latest song from Gen, "Life" ("Seimeitai"), was featured as the theme song for TBS's live coverage of the “World Athletics Championships Budapest 23” and the “19th Asian Games Hangzhou.”

     Gen has starred in numerous films and popular TV dramas as an actor.  In 2016, he played the leading role in TV drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (“The Full-Time Wife Escapist”), and “Koi,” the show’s main theme song, has garnered over 130 million streams since it first started streaming. The music video for “Koi” has over 250 million views and is one of the most-played music videos in Japan.

     Gen Hoshino is one of Japan’s top era-defining artists and a star to watch for years to come.