Amaiwana アマイワナ


Nippon Columbia Co.,Ltd. / Nipponophone


Born on January 1st, 2000(Super Millennium Girl!!) / Kyoto,Japan.
She shows versatile talents as a Singer-songwriter /Trackmaker /Actor /Model.
She disseminates her unique music and fashion which is based on Showa Era Techno Pop, New Wave, Dream Pop, City Pop, and Shibuya-Kei music to the world.It’s an AMAIWANA’s Japanese Dream Punk!

“No matter what people say, I only follow something lovely and cool I feel.”
Don’t miss any moments on her SHOW-TIME LIVE! What a photogenic!
In 2022, she is acting vigorously such as the music compositon by request and appearance on TV or CM, participation in Ginger Root's Music, release her Mini Album『baby bedroom punk』, and so on.