kiki vivi lily


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Born in Fukuoka prefecture.With a sweet and seductive voice and an exceptional sense of melody grounded in black music, she is a singer-songwriter of note who traverses pop and hip-hop. She made a name for herself in collaboration with 唾奇 and Sweet William, and released her 1st full-length album "vivid" in June 2019. Keiichi Tomita and Sweet William were produced, and WONK participated in the recording. In addition to getting a perfect score of 10 in the review of the music magazine "MUSIC MAGAZINE", all the streaming services have selected songs for many playlists, and Spotify has adopted it as a cover art for the popular playlist "Women's Voice". Calls and attracts not only music experts but also a wide range of music lovers.She released her first digital-only mini-album in a year and a half, "Good Luck Charm.