Yui Nishio ゆいにしお


Nippon Columbia Co.,Ltd. / Nipponophone


Yuinishio is a female solo artist with a clear and deep voice, pleasant sound, and unique lyrics.
In October 2022, she made her major debut from Nippon Columbia with the release of their first full album "tasty city".
She has also been involved in tie-ups for animation and other productions,
In October 2021, "Beautiful Day" was chosen as the opening theme song for the TV animation "Banished from the brave man's group, I decided to lead a slow life in the back country.",
and in January 2023, "Selfhug Biglove" was chosen as the ending theme song for the TV animation "Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire.
She has been selected for Spotify's "EQUAL JAPAN" and is currently a hot artist.