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Da-iCE is a group of five talented male artists. With two main vocalists Sota Hanamura's rare high note vocals and Yudai Ohno's enveloping earthy singing voices that is interwoven in the acappella group created a「one-of-a-kind singing voices」 which is the reason why they are called talented. Their song DREAMIN'ON is the theme song for ‘ONE PIECE’ anime series. ‘CITRUS’, which was the theme song for the Nippon TV Sunday drama series ‘The Way of the Househusband’, has surpassed 350 million total plays online. Moreover, all the theme songs for ‘Kamen Rider Revice’, including the TV series 'liveDevil' and the two movie versions, were written and composed by Sota Hanamura. Also, their song ‘Star Mine’ set TikTok ablaze upon its release in August 2022, generating over 500 million views.