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Actor, Artist
Date of birth: August 20, 1990

Win Morisaki, born and raised in Myanmar, moved to Japan during the fourth grade of elementary school. He was scouted and started his career as an entertainer during the second grade of junior high school. In 2020, he made his major debut as "MORISAKI WIN," an entertainer from Asia, with "PARADE" on July 1. The song was used as a commercial for Suzuki Sorio Bandit, a compact wagon, and it became a hot topic by reaching No. 1 on the music distribution chart. On May 26, he released his first album, "Flight," which ranked No. 1 on five music distribution services. In 2022, he released a series of singles with international writers, sang the theme song for "Abatarou Sentai Don Brothers," and showed his diverse range of performances both domestically and internationally as an artist. His long-awaited second album is scheduled for release in April 2023, and further success is expected.

Morisaki has played a variety of roles as an actor and was selected to play a major role in Steven Spielberg's new film "Ready Player 1," which was released in 2018, marking his Hollywood debut. He has since appeared in numerous films and dramas and won the 43rd Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor for the film "Honeybees and Distant Thunder" in 2020. He starred in the drama series "Honki no Shirushi," which won the Best Newcomer-Actor Award at the ASIA CONTENTS AWARDS of the Pusan International Film Festival in 2021. Its theatrical version was also selected as an "Official Selection 2020" film at the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival.

Morisaki has also had success in the world of musicals. He dubbed the role of Mistoffelees in the film version of "Cats" (released in Japan in 2020) and played the lead role of Tony in the musical "West Side Story" Season 2 in 2020. In 2021, he played the lead role of Jamie in the musical "Jamie," and in 2022, he was the solo lead in the Japan tour of the Broadway musical masterpiece "Pippin" at the Tokyu Theater Orb. In 2023, he will star as Loid in the musical "SPY x FAMILY."

Morisaki has also been a tourism ambassador in his home country of Myanmar since 2018 and is overwhelmingly well-known there. He has starred in dramas and appeared in numerous commercials.