Rimi Natsukawa

Rimi Natsukawa - Aitai (xiangni)


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     Rimi Natsukawa is a singer hailing from Okinawa.  Her third single, “Nada Sousou” released in 2001, became a major hit for which she is widely known.  She is one of Japan’s most famous singers having appeared on one of the country’s biggest music programs, NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Red & White Year-End Song Festival) for a total of six times.  In 2008, she held concerts in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai as her popularity grew throughout Asia.  She has since successfully performed overseas in numerous countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, the US, Brazil, and Peru.

     In 2022, Rimi released Aitai ~Kanasando~, her newest studio album in three years.  The album mainly features songs that depict life in Okinawa, and is filled with her love for local areas, family members and loved ones.  Her mesmerizingly clear and pristine vocals continue to keep the audience very happy and emotionally touched throughout Asia and the world.